Erik O. Walnut Creek, CA
I recently sold my home in Lafayette, and was lucky enough to run across Paddy Kehoe in the process.
I have worked with many other Agents in the past both to sell and to purchase. Not one of those agents did I feel had my needs 100% ahead of their own interests. During the time Paddy Picked up my listing, from another unsuccessful agent, to the closing, Paddy gave me some of the most honest feedback I had ever heard. This was not only a shock, but lead a better understanding of all goals and the factors affecting my sale.
My home was beautiful, but unique in the way that makes it difficult to envision. Paddy was able to get me to embrace these facts and was absolutely amazing at accurately portraying my home and bringing out its true beauty. I could not believe how quickly it sold. I had been a little stressed with my previous agent. It had been on the market for longer than I had expected and I began to think we were asking too much. Paddy proved that wrong by being under contract at a higher amount in under a week. I credit his character and his unique ability to bring out the best parts of a home.
Throughout the entire process Paddy was easy to work with, honest, and a visionary. I am so glad to have found him and will be recommending him to anyone in this area.

Cal H. San Francisco, CA
All these 5 stars are spot on. I am a very up-front, transparent person and I expect the same with people I deal with…that is why I am lucky to find Paddy.
We recently closed on our perfect house with Paddy guiding along the way. He works hard, always available, has great insight into the real estate market and is extremely transparent. If you are serious about buying or selling a home, call him.

Helen K. Lafayette, CA
Trustworthy. Attention to details, especially when they matter. Honest. Accessible. Ethical. Committed to excellence. Tenacious. Yeah, you’ve got the idea.
A professional who works hard on your behalf and you’ll want to root for him. Go Paddy!

Sofia S. San Francisco, CA
All right, listen up all you home buyers and you too, you sellers out there . . . . I’m going to give you the soundest advice you’re ever going to get. Are you ready? Wait for it. . . wait for it. . . Do yourself a favor and forge an alliance with Paddy.
We were referred to Paddy by really great friends of ours. We were entirely new to the area and had very limited information on neighborhoods and the area in general. Now, we were first time home buyers, but I had experience professionally in real estate. I can honestly with my experience AND my inexperience, that dealing with Paddy was THE most seamless and professional relationship we could have ever asked for.
Paddy was on point, always available (even to us crazy workaholics). He offered sound advice and always an alternative. I must say, listening to what he had to say really paid off. We found our perfect home, seamless transaction and closed in less than 30 days. . with an FHA loan… incredible in this market. How is our loan relevant you ask? Well Paddy offered us an alternative referral for our financing. He works with consummate professionals just like him. Another great reason to work with Paddy.
I’ll say it once, I’ll keep saying it: Paddy Kehoe is absolutely a class act and an example of the gold standard. Simply aaaa-mazing.

Bo K. Lafayette, CA
Paddy helped us buy a great house in Lafayette about a year ago. He is very knowledgeable about the housing market in Lafayette. He found us a house that was within our small budget and in the neighborhood we wanted. He was super responsive and gave us sound advice throughout the buying process. Once our offer was accepted, he saved me time by making all the necessary appointments for me and was present at all the inspection appointments. Paddy worked hard for us to reduce the price when additional problems were discovered by the home inspector.
Paddy is great about following up even after we closed on the house. Even after a year, he responded to my question about the exterior paint color information that I needed for a renovation project.

Sherry J. San Francisco, CA
There is a reason why Paddy has so many 5-star reviews, he is excellent at what he does. He is always available for his clients and works really hard for them. He will listen to what you need, is very responsive and calls back right away. He is always working!! He has GREAT relationships with other agents, which means that he can get you into houses that are not on the market yet. This is a huge advantage in this market where every home is getting multiple offers. He also has awesome contacts with lenders, contractors and other service providers so he is your one stop shop. I highly recommend Paddy!

John S. Huntington Beach, CA
My story is different from the others but yet exactly the same. See I owned a rental in Concord and upon my last rental inspection of the property I became fed up with living so far from my rental. I was referred to Paddy from a friend and being that I live 7 hours away from the property Paddy and I made a last minute appointment at the property. He literally made the appointment around 8pm the night before via text message. I was more than happy to see that he arrived more than prompt as I was in the process of attempting to clean up the house. He took less than 10 minutes looking at the home and told me that he had contacts that would get the place ready to show in about 2 weeks. We spoke a little more but I felt confident enough to hand him over the keys and walk away with a handshake. This man had nothing but confidence that he would not only have my house show worthy in little time but that I would be making a great profit. Not only did he have the inside and outside painted, sod was laid, electrical was fixed, new carpet was laid and the house was cleaner than when I bought it. This was all done with nothing out of pocket because Paddy had a team of men who would take their pay from escrow. Once the house was ready to show Paddy spent a weekend holding an open house and just like that found me a buyer for 5% over asking. Through the closing process we determined that the house would need a new roof. What do you know, Paddy had a guy that would take care of it! Not only did he put on a new roof but Paddy negotiated the price for me and got a great warrantee for the buyer and the roofer would take payment at close of escrow.
I would recommend this man to all my friends and family, anyone looking to buy or sell should make him your first call. He will not blow smoke and tell you some BS that you want to hear. He is a straight shooter and always tells you like it is. This man has all kinds of connections and takes charge in all that he did for me. I could not have asked for a better experience. Like I said I live 7 hours away and he took over everything for me. All I had to do was sign paperwork and give things my ok. Normally I would never do this because I don’t normally feel that comfortable with someone. But Paddy gave me the comfort and just put all the cards out on the table leaving nothing to chance. This man has brought back my respect for realtors today!
Thank you for all that you have done Paddy!

Julia S. San Francisco, CA
Paddy is fantastic. He is a straight shooter who is responsive (I don’t think I’ve ever left a message because he always answers calls) and knowledgeable about the market. He is a hard worker and gave us good counsel through the house hunt process. You can’t go wrong with him!

Bryan M. Pleasant Hill, CA
As first time home buyers my wife and I were skeptical about the whole process and we were reluctant to even try buying a house. As long time renters in the Pleasant Hill area we felt that housing prices were beyond our reach. On a whim we walked across the street to see how much a wreck of a house in our preferred neighborhood cost. Fortunately for us Paddy was filling in for another agent and had time to spend with us. He asked general questions about our incomes and debts and was able to give us a rough idea of what we could afford. We were a little surprised to find out that we could afford a house in the area.
The first of many great recommendations was that the house we were looking at was not for us, 1 year later and the house is still being remodeled. The second recommendation was for us to contact Kelly Larsen with RPM mortgage. With a barely acceptable credit score and a lot of patience Kelly was able to secure financing in our price range.
We did not make it easy for Paddy, with a very limited area to choose from, Pleasant Hill/Pacheco/Martinez south of highway 4, and a budget on the lower end of available houses. Nevertheless Paddy dug in and found us many houses to look at. Over the period of several months we must have looked at 20+ houses. After we made an offer on one house and did not get it we were ready to give up and be perpetual renters. Paddy kept at it and we are so happy he did.
Paddy found us a house in our price range in Pacheco. The first time we looked at the house we thought it was going to be purchased quickly as it was so much nicer than comparably priced homes that we had looked into and at the very top of our budget. Paddy continued to show us more houses that were not the right fit. 1 month after our first look at the house Paddy mentioned that it was still on the market and that we should give it a second chance by offering less than asking price. of course we were not the only ones offering below asking price so a bidding war began. With Paddy’s persistence and the high offer, still below asking price, homeowners accepted our offer.
The best part of the deal for us was when the appraisal came back $32,500 less than our offer. While the homeowner fought the appraisal Paddy kept us off the ledge with reassurances that the homeowner had limited options and if the deal fell through that he would be there to help us find a house that suited our needs.
We got the keys the day before Thanksgiving, 5 months after we met Paddy, and moved in that weekend. We could not be more pleased with Paddy’s persistence, knowledge and attitude. He treated us like long time friends throughout the process and we would recommend him to any body looking to buy a house.

Michael John A. Pleasant Hill, CA
If you need a real estate agent, look no further. Paddy is truly amazing. His professionalism and experience far exceeded my expectations. Paddy took the time to understand my criteria and helped me pick the perfect house for my wife and me. He was very honest with the fact that he wanted us to be happy, and he made sure that we didn’t buy the first house that I saw. It was very clear that he wasn’t in it for the fast close. As a first time home buyer, he guided us through the entire process. He took a lot of care and heart in our purchase. He was extremely responsive to our telephone calls and e-mails, and his follow-up was amazing. He took the time to meet with us late in the evenings and during the weekends. I give him my highest recommendation, and I will definitely work with him on our next purchase. Not only did a enjoy working with him, I gained a solid friend. Thank you, Paddy, for your excellent service.

Jay V. Walnut Creek, CA
Because we are a large mortgage brokerage with many Realtors for clients, we typically do not write Yelp reviews for them; we do not want to feel obligated to write reviews for everyone. But, we are more than happy to write a very sincere five-star review for Paddy Kehoe. Paddy is by far one of the sharpest, most motivated, most responsive and most skilled Realtors with whom we work. Paddy is also wonderfully affable and enjoyable to engage. We would not ever hesitate to refer buyers to Paddy. We give an emphatic five-star endorsement of Paddy Kehoe.
Jay Voorhees
JVM Lending

Laura C. Lafayette, CA
May 3, 2012
I’m a stager and I have worked with a lot of realtors over the past 13 years and I have been so impressed with Paddy Kehoe. First of all he is a very nice person and he really cares about his clients. He is very driven to do the best job possible for them. Paddy is very sharp and knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor which makes the sometimes emotional process of getting your home ready for sale a little easier and less intense. I highly recommend Paddy and would not hesitate to refer him to my friends and clients.

Jimmy M. Lafayette, CA
August 27, 2012
Paddy recently represented my wife and I as a buyers agent for a short sale. We were very happy with our experience. He is very knowledgeable and kept us well informed throughout a long process. He was easy to reach at all times and if we did not get him immediately on the phone, he would call back within a very short time. Very happy to recommend Paddy and will do business with him again.

Brazil T. Moraga, CA
July 11, 2012
Paddy Kehoe is a fabulous real estate agent. After a fairly lengthy search I found the home that I really wanted. The seller had multiple offers for essentially the same amount and Paddy worked diligently to assure them that I was the right buyer for their home. I would not own my current home if it were not for him! He is a pleasure to work with and brings genuine expertise to the deal.

Kevin H. Walnut Creek, CA
October 5, 2012
Paddy is amazing! He is so professional, knowledgeable and most of all patient. My wife and I met him at an open house. After speaking with him for couple of hours, we knew he was our guy. He must of showed us over 50 homes. With each home, he offered his expert opinion. Paddy has a builders background which really came in handy. He pointed out things that regular or new home buyers will probably miss. He pointed out things that a regular realtor would probably miss! He steered us from many potential pitfalls. In the end, we ended up buying the house we initially met him at. He got us an awesome deal! Thanks again Paddy! We are very happy in our new house.

Keith Y. Danville, CA
July 12, 2012
We dropped our old agent in favor of Paddy because he went the extra mile for us. He not only represented us, but gave us advice and strategies

Kate P. Clayton, CA
January 31, 2012
Paddy has been a true blessing for me in trying to figure out this roller coaster market.  He is always happy to take my calls and answer any questions I may have, and he has a true knowledge of the real estate market.  The best thing about working with Paddy is that he treats his clients like friends, and always goes the extra mile.  Thank you Paddy!!!